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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
As trashy as throwing crap into the ring may be I've always found it to be awesome. I can't imagine the original Hogan nWo turn without the garbage being thrown...and Hall kicking the crap out of that one fan. And the fans at the second One Night Stand throwing Cenas shirts back at him [stands up and slowly claps] bravo.

I've always wondered what match all those chairs being thrown into the ring at the ECW arena was from?
ECW was just because Terry Funk called for it. I actually went to a indy show last year that was outside and they did a hardcore match and one of the guys was friends with my dad and I so he called for my dad to give him his chair during the match and told him to throw it. Next thing you do he is asking all 100 or so people there to throw all the chairs into the ring.

In real life that shit is insane to see. You never imagine how heavy chairs are when there are like 200 flying through the air.