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Originally Posted by larvtard View Post
This is such an awesome thread. Between this, and your old concert reviews, you're becoming one of my favorite posters here...

Anyway, sonic youth and the melvins are two bands that I've actually wanted to get into for a while now, but have been intimidated by the massive size of their discographies, so I'm glad to see 'em on here! I definitely will check out houdini, eggnog, bullhead, lysol, honkey, and the maggot....

as for Sonic Youth, I dig all the songs you posted, especially schizophrenia... the only album I've listened to by them is Daydream nation, which I heard a couple months ago; I wasn't terribly impressed, but I thought the "trilogy" at the end was amazing

ALSO: do you like KEN mode? I think you'd like them based on shallow, north dakota and kittens (very cool bands)
Wow, thanks for the kind words. I didn't think anyone liked the old concert reviews but I'll see if I can dig up a few more for you.

With Sonic Youth I'd suggest checking out Goo first. Daydream Nation is good but I think they have better. Just remember what I said that for every good song on their albums there's usually a fucked up, skippable song. And for the Melvins I'd suggest Houdini.

KEN mode is opening for Today is the Day next month I think, so if I get to go I hope to make it there in time for them. Did they just release a new album that has some Lovcraftian looking octopus on the cover or something?
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