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Soulfly -- Portland, ME -- March 10th, 2013

Last minute show for me but I needed something to make my weekend better.

Dead Season opened and if anyone has had the pain of seeing them live they know it's pretty bad. How this band became popular still blows my mind but the general IQ of this state is about potato when it comes to music.

Lody Kong was up next and they were as good as last time. Fun stuff.

Incite came on and they were just bezerk. Solid stuff Richie has a ton of energy as a frontman. I got a setlist from them so...

The Aftermath
Die Alone
Down and Out
Tyrannys End
Feel The Flames
End Result
The Slaughter
Army of Darkness

Soulfly came up and I was already expecting a better show because I knew this one wasn't gonna get shut down like last years show in Mass. They had a pretty different set from last go around which was nice. Max sounded good but he is so lazy haha. I might not have the complete order but they switched out Troops of Doom for Arise and put a Nailbomb cover in

Plato e Plomo
The Prophecy
Back To the Primitive
Refuse Resist(Sepultura cover)
Point Blank(Nailbomb cover)
World Scum
Arise(Sepultura cover)
Straight Hate
Roots Bloody Roots
Jump da fuk up

After Max left the stage the rest jammed Run To The Hills.

Good stuff I def missed a couple songs.

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