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System Of A Down (2002)
The first time my sister played this,I knew right away Rock music was my thing. My first Metal band but also the first band I said I actually liked. Steal This Album is still amazing as the first time i heard it.

The Strokes (2004)
Before the whole hipster thing,I was a HUGE strokes fan. I thought they fuckin ruled. Room On Fire is still important to me.

The Adicts (2005)
This is the band that got me into Punk and made be open to more of of my favorite bands around that time(Dead Kennedys,Misfits,Ramones). But it all started with them. Also my first show,and it started with Rockers Into Orbit(live) being borrowed in 7th grade.

The Germs (2006)
My all time favorite band. They showed me punk can be whatever the fuck you want it to be. Crappy vocals,fast music,and genius lyrics. I still worship this band. Fuck you're Street Punk/Oi! bullshit,this is punk rock.

Black Flag (2007)
One of the most angry,pissed bands ever. Holy shit i thought they were great with the first 4 dudes then Henry made this go a whole other level. DAMAGED.

The Locust(2009)
I see how people see this band as the Greenday of Grindcore/Powerviolence. I had never heard fast music,with random lyrics,and strange costumes like that before. This was alien to me and it made punk seem like the slowest shit ever. Noisecore at its finest. Still not ashamed to say they're one of my favorite bands to this day.

Suicidal Tendencies/D.R.I./Municipal Waste (2009)
All 3 affected me the same way. I seriously couldnt not just choose 1. All 3 made me open my mind more to Thrash and just Metal and all its sub generes in general. The fact They could mix Punk and Metal like that still blows my mind this day. I saw all 3 one in 2009. Still to this day some of my favorite shows of all time.

Slayer (2010)
Thee band. Luckily Crossover got me into the real deal. And Slayer was the band that that i fuckin loved. I still do. You can't just not love slayer,you just cant.

Anal Cunt (2010)
The band i was looking for. Speedness and noise as the locust/naplm death and as offensive as the mentors and gg allin. The worst band ever,and i loved em for it. There will never be another AxCx. Rip seth.

Deafheaven (2011)
Trve Hipster Black Metal. Never has a band touched me this emotionally. Not only did it make me love black metal way more,it just changed my life forever. I <3 DFHVN
9/13-Gruesome/Skeletal Remains
9/16-Black Breath/Battalion Of Saints?
9/18-Asshole Parade/To The Point
10/31-Gehenna/Full Of Hell

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