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Kittens - Tiger Comet (1995)

Kittens actually have a connection to the last band Shallow, North Dakota. They played a lot of shows together in the mid to late 1990ís, they were signed to the same label and they did a bunch of split EPs with them. I never got to see any of those shows but I bet they were insane. And no this isnít Kittie (the band that almost caused the death of music in the late 1990ís) this is Kittens, the manic three-piece noise band from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Theyíve always reminded me of Today is the Day but stripped down to the most simplistic basics. Their riffs are usually one or two note progressions, the drumming and bass is just a constant rhythm that follow along and the vocals are just slightly distorted screaming. But it works so well. It works so well because they are able to do so much with so little. Some of the scariest music youíll ever hear from three of the most normal looking guys youíll ever see. Listen to the first verse of Hornet and tell me something isnít wrong with that guy when he laughs/screams. This album couldíve been in the top twenty too if it werenít for a fact that it actually gives me a bit of a headache after a half hour. It never lets down.
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