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Favorite Non-Make Up KISS Album?

I was going to ask what is everyone's favorite 80's Kiss album.But sense that is obviously going to turn out with everyone saying "Creatures Of The Night!", I thought I'd force everyone to choose a no make up album.Well, I do have to admit that I think the Paul-Gene-Bruce-Eric (Carr) era is my favorite line-up, even though the 80's albums are not really that good.I'd have to say "Revenge" takes the top spot.Hot In The Shade was pretty good though it had WAY to many tracks.Crazy Nights is freakin underrated though.The title-track is awesome, "No,No,No" and "Bang Bang You" are both awesome as well."Reason To Live", "Turn On The Night", and "My Way", cheesy though they are, are extremely catchy and melodic.Asylum had 2, maybe three good tracks on it.Animalize had only 2 good tracks on it.Lick It Up had about 5 good tracks on it.
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