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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
Atta boy! The scary thing about this album is that it was in a way, kind of contrived. Throughout the 1980s Priest were pandering to a target audience really, and at the time Painkiller was almost like Priest's Death Magnetic. Hell, I'd argue that Nostradamus was the first Priest album with Halford singing since Stained Class where they wrote what they wanted to hear instead of what everyone else wanted to hear. I honestly think that Glenn and KK exerted little to no effort writing the songs on Painkiller, to them it was probably super easy. They probably could have written and released an album closely resembling Painkiller (honestly, I'm convinced the title track was their way of updating Exciter to 1990 standards) any time after 1978, and if they did, Priest would have been hailed as the direct creators of thrash instead of Metallica or Exodus.
Yea I do agree.Especially on the Exciter thing.I can also see how the writing good have been easy as well.
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