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Originally Posted by IrritatedTrout View Post
Ride ze Lightning!

Dude, that was a great review. This thread rules because you're putting these albums that most everybody knows into a new light. I knew that Haunting the Chapel and RtL came out in the same year and I knew that RtL was a pretty early thrash album but I never really consider what the scene was like up to that point or how close some of these landmarks actual release days are to each other. Because it seems like so long ago to me, these albums seem to exist in my mind in a vacuum called "the 80's" but the way you highlight them and their predecessors does a great job of demonstrating the musical landscape that existed when these albums were released.
Thanks for the kind words -- you too, Onioner.

That's the biggest revelation I've had so far. I've thought that Ride the Lightning is the best thrash album for a long time, but until I did this I never realized just how barren the thrash landscape was at that point. It's crazy... that album, to me, is basically the pinnacle of the genre before the genre even got going!
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