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Here's a few of mine:

Slayer (2005) - My first really heavy band. I bought Seasons in the Abyss and Rust in Peace at an FYE in the local mall back when I was in the 10th grade, I remember I was a dollar short so I had to bum money off my dad. Why Seasons instead of South of Heaven or Reign in Blood? Well, Seasons didn't have a parental advisory sticker and it didn't appear to have any anti-religion songs on it which I wasn't sure if I could handle at the time. Anyways, they really turned me on to thrash and other heavier genres. I don't listen to much death metal or anything but I do enjoy a few heavier bands and Slayer was the first.

Rush (2008) - Before I got 2112 I was strictly into metal and not really into hard rock so I didn't listen to bands like Led Zep, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Tull, Scorpions, etc. 2112 showed me that louder and faster definitely doesn't always mean better. My classic hard rock 'phase' started after I got into Rush and eventually shifted from a phase into just what my tastes were. I deleted a lot of my more obscure metal bands because I just wasn't that into them anymore and now a lot of those classic bands are among my absolute favorites.

And the big one:

Iron Maiden (mid-August 2004) - The fact that I roughly remember the time of the month I first heard Iron Maiden shows in itself that they're pretty big for me. Anyways, when I was 14 I used to love Nintendo games and I was on a Star Fox binge around that time. I was posting on a Star Fox message board and there was a Norwegian guy on there who listened to a lot of metal and was always posting in the music related threads. I thought the song titles from Iron Maiden sounded pretty cool and he raved about them quite frequently so one night I decided to check them out to see what they sounded like. I logged on to AOL Radio () and waited until an Iron Maiden song came on.

The first song up was Infinite Dreams. I sat and listened to that song and was blown away. Once it had finished I couldn't decide if I absolutely loved it or if I was just blown away because it was so massively different to anything I had ever heard before. Prior to this I didn't listen to any music and I was raised on country and christian, I had only sparingly ever heard Kiss or The Beatles or freaking Bruce Springsteen or anything that was closely related to rock. So I didn't quite know how to process a heavy metal band like Iron Maiden. I thought I was in love but I wanted to be sure it wasn't a fluke before I started freaking out. So I waited for another Maiden song to come on and eventually Rime of the Ancient Mariner started (which I thought was a 4 minute song erroneously reported in the radio player as 14, how could a song be 14 minutes long?) and that's when I knew I was hooked.

It was drastically different from everything I ever heard and I loved it for that reason but I also knew I loved it because it was the fucking best. They've been my favorite band ever since that night a week or two before I started high school. I've spent thousands on them and traveled all up and down the Eastern part of the U.S. seeing them. this summer I'll be able to say I've traveled around the world seeing them. I got into heavy metal because of them, I got into rock and roll because of them, I got into music period because of them.

tl;dr they're ok
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