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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Good for them. I remember they had a PPV here in Oshawa and the place was sold pretty good (maybe two thousand to three thousand). I don't know why they never came back.
They didn't come back because Dixie Carter is an idiot. Even Hogan undermines her decisions on how she runs the company during interviews and on twitter. I read an interview with Bully Ray a couple months ago where he said TNA has a certian buisness model they go buy and if he was in charge it would be different. Bully said he doesn't know why they don't do more shows up north and they should regularly perform in places like New York/Jersey, Philly, Boston, Toronto, Detroit and Chicago.

Sounds to me like Bully Ray should be booking the venues in TNA. Lockdown should be a solid PPV tonight. I fully expect Bully Ray to beat Jeff Hardy for the belt and be revealed as the leader of Aces and 8s and that the whole good guy turn and marrige to Brooke Hogan was all a ruse to get what he wanted. I will be very disappointed if that doesn't happen tonight.

I also read that Bobby Roode is in a contract dispute with TNA right now. Apparently the idiots in charge of his contract let it run out and he is no longer under contract to the company right now but they are trying to work something out so he can be on the PPV as advertised tonight. Otherwise Austin Aries may have to defend the tag titles by himself. Hopefully something will be worked out because Roode and Aries is an awesome team and they're still in the early stages of it so there's a lot they can do together.