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The Top 10 Most Important Bands Of Your Life

I was thinking the other day about bands that had a really big effect on me.I decided to create this thread wandering if anyone else would like to list their top ten most bands that had a real big effect on them music wise, life wise, and anything else that can be effected.I would also like to know why that band is so important to you, not looking for huge paragraphs and stories here, just a little info.Well here is mine:

Effect: Introduced me to a more heavier style of music.My love for heavier stuff was spawned from me listening to "One" the first time.

Effect: Told me that glam metal is not dead, in fact very far from it.Also made me actually want to discover underground bands, no matter what genre, and led me to discover lots of other new glam bands.

Effect: They introduced me to funk metal, and all of their albums have had a significant effect on my guitar playing.I now and from now on will always go to their first three albums for inspiration for guitar.

7.The Beatles
Effect: The Beatles tought me to not just always care about how fast you can play or how good your riffs are on guitar.They tought me to focus on the simple chords and progressions, and I'm a much greater guitar player because of that.

6.Blind Guardian
Effect: These guys introduced me to power metal, and really got my interested in heavier stuff again after a long time of not wanting to listen to it (besides Metallica of course).Nightfall In Middle-Earth in particler has had an effect on my guitar playing.On a side not I love playing the Imaginations album when I'm playing a rpg/adventure game.

Effect: Aerosmith really opened doors for me to discover other classic rock bands such as The Stones and Zepplin.Other than that, their bluesy style has probably had the most effect on my guitar playing out of all bands.

4.Bon Jovi
Effect: Bon Jovi was possibly the first rock band I ever listened to when I was in pre-school.Richie Sambora is at a tie with Joe Perry and Brad Whitford when it comes to guitar inspiration.This band has also released several albums that I've always listened to since forever, and they all bring back memories.

Effect: At a time when I was getting really into rock/metal, Stryper was introduced to me very early on in my musical journey.They were a christian band that played the music I liked, so it was kinda exciting for me when I was little because nobody was doing that at the time (I was not a fan of quote on quote "Christian Rock" so to say).These guys also led me to being introduced to the whole glam metal genre, and you can see what effect that had.

2.Van Halen
Effect: Van Halen, basically the band that made me want to play guitar.Their whole first two albums were what really started it all for me guitar wise.I still remember when I would go to my friend's once a week and try learn all the songs on both of those records, good times.

Effect: At the top spot, is Kiss.This is actually were it all started.They are the reason why I like rock/metal music, and I can't thank them enough for it.I was about 8 years old when I was flipping through OnDemand, when I found a couple of live videos by a band I once heard the name of, Kiss.It was Detroit Rock City, Strutter, Calling Dr. Love, Love Gun, and Rock And Roll All Nite from the the recently released at the time Kissology 2.These five videos made me go onto the internet and look up more, and that's when I became addicted.Those five videos are probably the most important videos that I watched of my whole life.
6/28 - Def Leppard/Styx/Tesla
8/29 - Rick Springfield/Loverboy/The Romantics
8/30 - Motley Crue

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