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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
good thing whatever he says is exactly what is going to happen
I'll tell ya Manks, since you are not very confident in my line up but I am, lets make a sig bet.

If Rob Zombie, 5FDP, Mastodon, MH, ITM, Amon Amarth, Battlecross, JFAC, Emmure, MIW, Behemoth, Butcher Babies, Huntress are NOT on Mayhem Fest this year - any one of the bands - I will change my sig to ANY website URL of your choosing until the last date of Mayhem Fest 2013 is over. If ALL of those bands are listed as playing then you change your sig to my facebook url until the last date of Mayhem Fest is over. Deal? I could look very silly every time I post here if I am wrong about this... I'll check back tomorrow to see if you are up for this...
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