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Not gonna bother making a setlist thread for this, but here's my little review of the show for........


First band was called Forget About Tomorrow from Salina. They all looked like kids and they put on a really bad performance. Like, they were horribly off-key a lot. If they practice more I'm sure they'd be better.

Next band was Embrace This Day. Straight-up br00t4l deathcore. It had a really good tone and the vocalist and bass player were awesome, but very generic.

After them was another deathcore/beatdown hardcore band called Conflicts who are actually pretty big around here. Again, just pretty straight-forward deathcore but it sounded a bit lamer than Embrace This Day.

First touring band was State Champs and they just launched right into their brand of pop punk and it was so refreshing. They sound a lot like The Story So Far and had everyone jumping along.

Handguns headlined and killed it. Huge crowd for them and everyone was singing and jumping and moshing and it was so much fun. Unfortunately they blew a fuse halfway through their song I Hope He Kills You, so they played two more songs without mics, but the crowd sang along really loudly and it was still tits. It was a good night!
1/12 - Entombed A.D. w/ Full of Hell
1/26 - Inquisition w/ Truckfighters
1/28 - Starkill w/ Spellcaster
2/11 - Marduk w/ Incantation
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