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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
How crazy is it that after one listen I already like this song better than anything off Strange Cousins? Betweek this, Pigtown Blues and the live songs I've heard Earth Rocker looks like a mortal lock for my Top 10 this year...
Pigtown isn't on the new album. If you missed the single that came out a while back, you missed it for good.

And yes, Earth Rocker fucking rules. Top Ten easily. I love it a whole lot more than Strange Cousins, which basically bored me upon the first listen. It doesn't have the same epic scope that elevated Beale Street, Robot Hive and Blast Tyrant to all-time classic status, but it's awesome as fuck regardless.

Now we just need to wait for ravenheart to chime in and say that he hated Earth Rocker haha.
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