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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
How crazy is it that after one listen I already like this song better than anything off Strange Cousins? Betweek this, Pigtown Blues and the live songs I've heard Earth Rocker looks like a mortal lock for my Top 10 this year...
That's because the 2 released songs blow the absolute shit out of Strange Cousins. And Strange isn't a bad album, when you've set the bar so high its tough to top it. It'll be an easy lock for Top 10.

Pigtown Blues was just a 7" released that was made in between Strange & before Earth Rocker was started and it is not on Earth Rocker. The Onioner has a great interview w/ JP who talks about that a little bit (if you haven't read the interview, its a very great read). It won't be on Earth Rocker, and honestly I'm not sure how well it would have fit anyway.
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