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Well, I've only been to this place 3 times and all 3 times were ok. I mean, sure, the security are a little douchey and the sound can be muddled at times but it was an ok place. As for the overselling of the tickets, all I can say is the 3 shows I attended had no issues with this because the bands I saw weren't huge draws. I was able to walk right in and head right to the floor and get a great spot. But I had a friend who attended the Anthrax/Testament show there last year and said he was basically standing at the door staring at the back of the head of the dude in front of him for the entire show. Not cool.

Reverb is my favorite venue in this area and I hope they pick up all of the shows that would normally go to Croc Rock. It's bigger, cleaner, the security are swell guys, the drinks are cheaper, and the parking lot is huge and well lit. D.R.I. was fantastic there last Friday. I've probably been to over 2 dozen shows since this place opened less than 2 years ago. Great, great venue!
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