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Originally Posted by mastodon421 View Post
Glad you were finally able to pop your Deftones cherry. I've seen them 3 times and they've have been incredible every time, but they especially shine in a club setting (I saw them the time they played the House of Blues in 2011 with Dillinger, the other 2 times we're at arenas/amphitheaters opening for Alice in Chains and System of a Down) That set is sick, a lot of the better songs from Koi No Yokan, the staples (I'm glad you got "Root". For whatever reason that's my favorite live song of theirs) and some surprises (Lotion.) Hopefully I can catch them next time they come around, I desperately need to see them headline again.
I wish I caught the tour with Dillinger. I was busy the night of the HOB show and Amon Amarth played 2 days after the Hampton show, so I could only choose one (finals week meant I could only be out one night that week haha). I'm glad I got to see them this time though!

Originally Posted by Coma323 View Post
Yeah I wasn't a big fan but I was right in front of the guitarist with the glasses and thought it was hilarious how he kept smiling with his eyes closed. Everytime I looked at him I kept laughing.
Lol, I stood in the lobby throughout their set, so I didn't notice this. I can usually sit through bands I don't care for, but my brother wanted to stay in the lobby and talk, and I was not in any way trying to disagree with him.
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