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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
Uh fonz, Geoff never pulled a knife on anyone. He spat on Scott, and he decked and shoved Michael.

Geoff comes off as a narcissistic ass that is desperately trying to look brutal and tough for the metal kids, but dude actually can sing okay these days for the most part in my opinion. And he's been very nice to the folks I know that have met him. I know he was very gracious to Andrew Metalhead a while back, and he was nothing but cool to Craig Locicero from what he has said on Facebook. If you've ever had a roommate that wasn't family, you know your relationship with them was different than than it would be with others. Now imagine that with four dudes splitting a tour bus for thirty years straight. I honestly expect the Tate-ryche album to be pretty good, Craig said the songs were great and dude knows his heavy rock. And if you know Craig, you know he isn't one to just say random crap, he's a very earnest guy. Yes the album cover is lame and childish, but I really am looking forward to it.

As for the real QR album (and yes, I consider the Todd version the real one), what I heard really doesn't sound like what QR would sound in 2013 had they continued in a similar direction from Empire or Mindcrime. Todd is destroying live, but I'm not super sure he can write vocal melodies as strong as the ones Geoff came up back in the '80s. I think the new record will be enjoyable power metal, but I really don't think it'll sound like classic QR at all. I would love to have my socks knocked off though, this would be the comeback to end all comebacks if this album's a great one.
I just wanted to quote this for truth. I agree with just about everything you said, Onioner
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