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So The Croc Rock In Allentown Is Dying Out.....

A series of weird legal issues caused the venue to lose its liquor license. Since then they've lost the following shows(and more I can't recall because the site went from well over 20 shows lined up to maybe 10-and none are known names):
As I Lay Dying
Awolnation(moved to a nearby hall)
R5, who apparently is some Disney Channel group(moved to the Sherman in Stroudsberg)
Adrenaline Mob(moved to Goodfellas in Pottstown)
Sevendust(originally postponed from Feb, but now removed completely)
Every Time I Die(moved to Reverb in Reading, PA)
In Flames(moved to a nearby hall)
I know there's more, just can't recall them all

This venue looks like its hitting a downward spiral
Rock Allegiance

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