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Anthrax - Fistful of Metal - February, 1984

More of a speed metal band at this point, Anthrax's debut doesn't quite have the same impact of the first two thrash LP's. There are thrash moments to be sure, like "Metal Thrashing Mad" and "Howling Furies", but most of it adds nothing to the fledgling thrash movement. This really doesn't sound like Anthrax anyway, and not just because of Neil Turbin's over-the-top vocals... Scott Ian and co. just haven't found that signature Anthrax sound that would be so obvious on their next album. One 'groundbreaking' thing about this album is that it's the first to feature the Ill-advised Thrash Metal Cover Song. "I'm Eighteen" totally fucks up any and all momentum created by the first two tracks. They don't butcher it or anything, but fuck... leave it until the end or throw it on a b-side.

Standouts: Metal Thrashing Mad, Howling Furies

Score: 6/10
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