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RAW was ok. What I don't understand is that they have some good macthes like Ryback/Cesaro last night but there is no fallout from what happens. They do this most weeks and while it's nice to have some good TV matches every week on RAW and Smackdown, they often don't lead to anything.

Ryback has beaten Cesaro a couple times so why shouldn't Ryback get a shot at the US title? That would make sense. Ryback has never held gold in the WWE and since he's beat a champ a couple times in non title matches he should logically want one. Instead it looks like Ryback will fued with Mark Henry after what happened last night.

Sheamus and Barrett have had some good macthes with each other on RAW and Smackdown over the last few months but nothing has come of that either. It would be nice to have more matches like last night's main event where the outcome has some meaning to it.

I was unable to attend last night's RAW that was from here because of work. I would've loved to have been there for Undertaker's return but it doesn't bother me at all since I saw him live a number of times during the attitude era while he was doing the whole ministry of darkness gimmick which is my favorite one from him. Hopefully, he's in good enough shape to put on a good macth with Punk.
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