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47.The Ultimate Sin - Ozzy Osbourne

Year Of Release: 1985

1.The Ultimate Sin
2.Secret Loser
3.Never Know Why
4.Thank God For The Bomb
6.Lighting Strikes
7.Killer Of Giants
8.Fool Like You
9.Shot In The Dark

Genre: Heavy Metal

If you ask Ozzy fans what his best record is, your most likely gonna get either "Blizzard Of Ozz" or "No Rest For The Wicked".While both are extremely great records, my favorite definitely has to be "The Ultimate Sin".The guitar playing by Jake E. Lee is a real great feature of this album, with "Shot In The Dark" having one of the best solos of all-time.This whole album is killer, except for "Never Know Why", but the the rest of the album is great it overcomes this one bad song.Randy Castillo's incredible drumming is also worth mentioning.Standouts include the killer title-track, super underrated "Killer Of Giants", and the best Ozzy song of all-time, the before mentioned "Shot In The Dark".Even though many consider this Ozzy's worst album, I think it's the best and is one of the most underrated metal records out there.

"Shot In The Dark"
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