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In all my years of going to shows there is one moment over all the rest that truly made me lose my mind from jump. Before this site (or the internet for that matter) you would go to a show and hope you heard you favorite songs with no clue what was coming most times.

This tour was Pantera at their highest peak and while you didn't know which Phil you were going to get any given night you still knew they were going to bring it and destroy shit.

When Suicide Note Part 1 came over the PA I immediately turned to my friend and said move your beers because if they break right into Part 2 I'm going to go totally ballistic. There are only a handful of songs they set up other songs on that level and when the lights came on showing the pot leaves on the screen the tension elevated to a solid 9. When the curtain dropped and they blew into Part 2 it was total chaos. I was going nuts moshing out and singing along. The people on the lawn started heaving huge chunks of sod like they were shotputs and frisbees and I didn't care at all. I was in another state of mind screaming my lungs outlike a lunatic. What a way to start a show and get the crowd out of their seats going crazy.

I'll never forget that moment and wish other music could whip me into a frenzy like that on a regular basis. If Pantera proved one thing to me as a human it's that we all have a monster inside of us you just need to know how to trigger it. I knew if 2 guys were trying to rob me in a bathroom or whatever that I had that lunatic inside of me and could unleash him if I had to.

Dude would be like we had this guy cornered and his eyes turned crazy and he started screaming OUT OF MY MIND! GUN TO MY MOUTH! NO PRETENSION! EXECUTION! LIVE AND LEARN! RAPE AND TURN! while kicking and throwing haymakers at us. We just bailed. Crazy MoFo! hahahaha

This clip gives you an idea but still can't truly match the power of being there. it was an experience like none other...

#13 Pantera - Suicide Note Part 2
So I'm driving home from work today after another grave shift at the casino and decided to throw a Pantera bootleg in to keep me awake on the ride home...

I can't think of many songs that make me go ballistic playing the air drums like a lunatic but this one will always have that effect on me. I literally felt like I transcended back in time jamming out to this song. Great music never gets old.

Some of my favorite Pantera songs these days are 10's, Floods and Sandblasted Skin, groovier songs that I never really got into back in the day but when they went fast, God Damn they did it well...
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