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Randy Blythe, frontman of American metal outfit Lamb of God, has been acquitted of the manslaughter charges he has been facing in the Czech Republic.

The vocalist was charged with manslaughter after a fan died at a Lamb of God gig in Prague just over two years ago. The 19 year-old had climbed onto the stage in order to dive into the crowd, but after getting in the way of Blythe, he was pushed off - resulting in fatal injuries.

Blythe was arrested at an airport in the Czech Republic - where he was due to be performing - and held for five weeks, before being allowed to return to the US on bail. After returning to finish the trial, Blythe’s prayers have finally been answered - and he’s been acquitted of the charges.

Just before the trial, Blythe posted an image message to Instagram, reflecting on his legal battle ahead of the verdict.

He wrote: “It's a beautiful morning in Prague, and time for me to go to what is (hopefully) my final day in court here- supposedly judgement will be passed today and I will move on with my life in one direction or the other. Which direction that is, I do not know. I could walk free, or conversely go to prison for up to ten years. Such is my life right now, and I must stay in this moment until its resolution. Whatever happens to me, do not feel sorry for me, for I am at peace and refuse to feel sorry for myself. Life happens. Deal with it.

“Some people cannot understand why I have returned, saying I should not come back here. KNOW THIS, and mark my words well — it would be absolutely intolerable for me to hide from this situation. I am an innocent man, but a family suffers the loss of a son, a fan of my band. That is what this whole thing is truly about, not prison, not money, not politics, not ME — it is about a young man who lost his life at just 19 years of age. He will never come back, and it breaks my heart. I would not be able to sleep at night knowing that I did not behave honorably and try to give his family some answers. That would be disgraceful, and I do not wish to dishonor myself or my family by acting in such a cowardly manner.

“I was raised to face my problems head on. For me, this is BEING A MAN. I categorically refuse to live in a constant state of guilt and fear. I would rather die. My morality and convictions are not dependent upon unforeseeable circumstance, nor malleable when difficulty arises.

"So I walk this morning to court with my head held high, no matter what others opinions of me may be. I have to face myself in the mirror, and tomorrow morning, wherever I may wake up, I will be able to do that without regret. This is THE ONLY path to true freedom for me — peace within myself. This is the manner in which I choose to try my best to live my life, and I hope you all do the same — do your best to do what is right, no matter how difficult it may be. I promise you, this will bring you peace.

"I thank you all for your support, I wish you all a good day, and to quote one of my favorite movies: STRENGTH AND HONOR.”

Though he’s been acquitted, the parents of the teenager have previously demanded 10million Czech Koruna - or $530,000 - and it’s unknown whether he’ll be forced to pay anything at the moment. Stay with Stereoboard to stay up-to-date on the story as more information surfaces.
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