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Fair enough. Ruling it out because you want to take sides in a dispute that doesn't even involve you is stupid.

This could turn out good, especially with all those heavy guests. I'm hoping from a properly heavy album from them, and I'll give it as much chance as I gave any new 'ryche album while Geoff was still in the band, because there's absolutely not reason not to.

All that said, Geoff needs to stop saying stupid things. His last rant in an interview was about how the others are ruining it for themselves by carrying on without him. Erm, Geoff, they're actually doing pretty well with the new guy. Better than you're doing on your own, in fact. Just look at the label they've been signed by compared to the one you've been signed by. Pay attention.

Also, at calling the album F.U., re-recording old 'ryche songs as bonus tracks, and going on tour to play Mindcrime 1 again.

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