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Junius -- Fullerton, CA -- March 4th, 2013

Source: me
Venue: Slidebar

I've been wanting to see Junius for a long time now and have had the worst luck with them. I missed them on the Enslaved tour due to the show selling out before they replaced Ghost. I got tickets to their headlining show last year but couldn't find parking and gave up after an hour. They played on Friday but I wasn't able to make it out to see them open up to Caspian. They announced on Friday at midnight that they were headlining the Slidebar. I have a test tomorrow morning, so I wasn't sure if I could make it, so I made sure to get all my studying in before the show.

I walked in at 9:50 to find Silver Snake was getting ready to play. They went on a littler after 10 and played for 40 minutes. They were pretty cool and I will check out soon. At 11, Junius started and Betray the Grave. I was super excited to finally see them after all this time. Even though they did 10 songs, I was bummed they couldn't play more than 45 minutes. They sounded super heavy. It was sad there were less than 30 people there to see them, but we all seemed to enjoy it! I was super happy they played Elisha, I Love You. That is my favorite song by them and never expected to hear it live!!!

Betray The Grave
All Shall Float
Stargazers & Gravediggers
A Universe Without Stars
Elisheva, I Love You
A Word Could Kill Her
(Spirit Guidance)
A Reflection On Fire
Transcend The Ghost
The Antediluvian Fire
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