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Discussion Thread For Queensryche S/T 2013

Title of album: Queensryche
Produced, engineered & mixed by: James "Jimbo" Barton
Release date: June 25th

Track listing:
1. X2 (Rockenfield)
2. Where Dreams Go To Die (Lundgren/LaTorre/Wilton)
3. Spore (Rockenfield/LaTorre/Jackson)
4. In This Light (Rockenfield/Jackson)
5. Redemption (Wilton/LaTorre/Rockenfield)
6. Vindication (Wilton/LaTorre/Rockenfield)
7. Midnight Lullaby (Rockenfield/LaTorre)
8. A World Without (Rockenfield/LaTorre/Wilton)
9. Don't Look Back (Wilton/LaTorre)
10. Fallout (Rockenfield/Jackson)
11. Open Road (Rockenfield/LaTorre/Wilton)

Reviews of the album:

Cover art:
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