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Slayer - Show No Mercy - December 3, 1983

The second thrash LP! It's really a unique album for Slayer, nothing else in their catalogue sounds much like it. The main reason for that is probably the fact that, like Kill 'Em All, it's still really heavily rooted in the NWOBHM sound, albeit a bit more on the evil side with Slayer playing Venom to Metallica's Motorhead. Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman actually bust out some pretty nice solos here too, which is something later Slayer records lack. Lombardo's work here is not his best, but it's lightyears ahead of Ulrich's. Sorry to keep comparing the two, but Show No Mercy and Kill 'Em All will always be linked in my mind. They were the first two, and still among the best.

Standouts: Crionics, The Antichrist, Black Magic

Score: 8.5/10
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