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Originally Posted by El Gordo View Post
You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but Kill 'Em All is not a perfect album, and I'm only reviewing pure thrash albums. Welcome To Hell is speed/black/NWOBHM, thus not included. Is it important to the thrash metal genre? Of course. Is it thrash? Nope. Besides, if I were to include Venom, I'd have to include a whole lot of Motorhead, so let's draw the line somewhere.

At any rate, feel free to sound off on everything I post here. "Hey Gord that is/isn't fucking thrash!" "Hey Gord that album totally fucking sucks/rules, you're a fucking idiot!" ... and so on.
I like this reasoning a lot. A lot of the whole debate about the first thrash songs come from the fact that there were a gajillion protothrash acts like Motörhead, Accept, Raven, Saxon, Venom, any old school metal band that had songs driven purely by double bass drums really. Sticking to purely thrash should hopefully keep things simple, but are you going to include albums like say, Seven Churches? That's one that could debatably be first wave death metal or thrash. Are you also gonna be doing writeups on literally every thrash album, even the mediocre ones released by bands that no one except the thrash babies ever gave a shit about like Defiance, Atrophy and Toxik? You've got one hell of a task ahead of you if that's the case sir.

Now about Kill 'Em All, I'm with you on giving it an 8/10. I admire it's influence and significance, but I really don't listen to it very often at all. James just sounds so lame haha.
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