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49.Queen II - Queen

Year Of Release: 1974

2.Father To Son
3.White Queen (As It Began)
4.Some Day One Day
5.The Looser In The End
6.Ogre Battle
7.The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke
9.The March Of The Black Queen
10.Funny How Love Is
11.Seven Seas Of Rhye

Genre: Rock/Metal

Queen's second entry in my list of top 100 albums, is one that is definitely a metal record and probably one of the first metal records ever made.The many different vocal and guitar parts that Queen is known for is taken to the extreme on this album.All four players are incredibly talented at what they do.Brian May has shredding guitars aplenty, Freddie Mercury gives stellar vocal performances, Roger Taylor pounds on the drums, and John Deacon's awesome skill at the bass is shown on this album as well.Highlights include possibly the first speed metal song ever "Ogre Battle", the bombastic epic "The March Of The Black Queen", and the best and possibly most known song on the album "Seven Seas Of Rhye".This isn't Queen's best album, but it sure comes close.

Standout Track:
"Seven Seas Of Rhye"
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