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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Honorable Mention #13

Celtic Frost Ė Monotheist (2006)

Older Celtic Frost is cool but I donít really know why people revere the band so much. This album is a fucking monster though. Itís got to be one of the heaviest albums Iíve heard, as well as one of the bleakest. Just listen to A Dying God Coming Into Flesh, Drown In Ashes and (especially) Obscured and tell me you donít feel like youíre all alone and the rain is pulling you down, again. And the artwork is fucking fantastic too. I love what they did with the bands photos. It only figures that this band morphed into Triptykon, a band whose sole album ended up in my top twenty. What separates that from this is there are a few songs I donít care for on this album and I donít even remember, and I found listening to the closing triptych to be more of a chore than a cool experience.
Favorite Song: Obscured
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