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Honorable Mention #15

Darkthrone Ė Transilvanian Hunger (1994)

To me this album is just COOL. The cover is just awesome and is still one of my favorite t-shirts to wear as I chase my two year old son in and out of stores at the mall. Seeing the t-shirt at concerts is actually what drew me to this band at first but the music is fantastic too. The title track is one of the most hypnotic songs Iíve ever heard in my life. Just listen to it late at night when youíre in that place between asleep and awake and see if you donít end up buying this album the next day. The rest of the album captures that magic again in quite a few places. Itís a really great album if you want to get lost for a while. The only problem I have with it is the same problem I have with all Darkthrone albums, and that is the production. I know that is one of the calling cards of Darkthrone but I listen to a lot of music on my iPod on random. So when you go from something by Amon Amarth, to some Type O Negative, to some Sepultura to anything by Darkthrone you canít help but scruntch your nose a little bit by the terrible loss in audio quality.
Favorite Song: Transilvanian Hunger
10/16 -- Negura Bunget
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