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Originally Posted by IrritatedTrout View Post
So how were all these extreme songs your first metal songs? How did you find them?
How I got into metal was I messaged my friend who knew metal when I didn't and I told him to give me the loudest, most extreme metal song he knew of. So he sent me this and I fucking fell in love, so then he put together a bunch of songs by a bunch of bands that I listened to. That was back in the day when I only downloaded music song-by-song instead of by album, so I had only those singular metal songs for a long time. I couldn't name each one off, but when I happen upon them, I remember that they were included in that batch. Couple of examples are En Vind Av Sorg from Darkthrone, Key To The Gate by Burzum, Infinite Plateau by Velvet Cacoon, Inner War by Antaeus, etc. I went into metal backwards - didn't really get turned onto Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Metallica until pretty late in my "listening career"
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