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Just got word that 3 more venues in Chicago are no banning / no longer booking Hardcore shows at all. The Viaduct (where the Casey Jones final tour went and Code Orange Kids played recently), the Subterranean (where Trash Talk played), and the Beat Kitchen (where Trapped Under Ice) played. Even though all those hardcore shows made the place nearly sold out for all hardcore shows the venues won't book them anymore because they just see hardcore shows as being violent.

That leaves 3 venues in Chicago to book hardcore shows that being Bottomlounge (which only books high level bands like Terror or The Rumble hardcore fest), Cobra Lounge (which is 21+ and which is where most hardcore shows will be at now), and Reggies (which will NEVER NEVER NEVER allow diving or surfing or anything in that nature).

So in short, the Chicago venue system fucking sucks.
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