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Originally Posted by devilball View Post
I'm sure that Whitesnake album was called 1987. Maybe just in the UK? It is a great record, it's just that past Whitesnake records were much more 'pure' blues based. Coverdale changed almost the whole band and aimed it fair and square at the american market (ie sales). It worked for him, but in the process alienated alot of older fans who were less than impressed by the new mainstream approach.
Being born in '72, I grew up through the whole glam rock explosion and this thread brings back many memories for me even though Judas Priest will forever remain my favorite band (btw did you see what they looked like around 'Turbo'!!!!!!!!!!).
Dunno if you ever got Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction in the US. If not check out If you did I expect to see the first album in the top 20.
Great thread. Just one thing, could you put the release year on your reviews?
I never heard of those two bands but I will definitely check them out some time.
6/28 - Def Leppard/Styx/Tesla
8/29 - Rick Springfield/Loverboy/The Romantics
8/30 - Motley Crue
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