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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
I can't see WWE ever putting out a DDP DVD because it would feature next to no WWE material, except maybe his match at Wrestlemania X8. And that match was nothing special. His WWE run is best left forgotten. I really like DDP but I can't remember too much great stuff from his WCW run either. No, it'll never happen.

And he could never put one out on his own because the WWE owns the rights to pretty much every match he ever had, except indy's, which not many people would want to see.

I think I like DDP the person more than DDP the wrestler. He just seems like a really genuine, great guy.
Not having enough or any WWE fotage hasn't stopped them before. They've released a Four Horsemen DVD, an AWA one and a couple of Ric Flair sets which were mostly NWA/WCW stuff. They've also released two best of Monday Nitro DVD sets which have no WWE footage either. If there's money to be made then the WWE will do it. I feel there is money in a DDP DVD. You can have the usual documentary on him with the first disc and then there is more then enough matches and promos to get another two discs out of it. From when he started as The Diamond Studd's (Scott Hall) manager, all the way through to the end of WCW, there's enough TV and PPV matches in the video library featuring him to put a DVD set together. I would love to see his matches with Randy Savage again. That fued was awesome.

They got him to be the host for the best of Nitro DVDs so it's possible they can work with him again on his own DVD set.