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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
I always loved the three hour Nitros. Booker T used to always get a good fifteen to twenty minute match (albeit usually with a commercial break in the middle), Jericho got a good ten minutes, Eddie Guerrero and Benoit got time and the Cruiserweights/Lucha Libre guys too. It was only too bad that Heenan was only on half the show.
Exactly. Hogan and the other old timers may have been holding down the younger guys from moving up the card but they were still able to showcase what they had in the ring every week and most importantly they were given time to do it. There's a reason why guys like Jericho, Benoit, Eddie, Malenko, Saturn and Booker T had such a good buzz around them when they came to the WWF. The fans knew what they were capable of and they had the fan following and respect for all the hard work they did in WCW. Now, the WWF did drop the ball with Malenko and Saturn but the others went on to have legendary careers with them.

DDP is another guy that could've been so much more in the WWE. But I think due to how old he was Vince didn't wanna push him as a top guy. Still, he should've at least got a decent IC title reign or two out of his WWE run.

DDP didn't start training to become a wrestler until he was in his 30s. I've always wondered how big of a star he could've been back during the mid 80s and early 90s if he had started training at the younger age most others do? There's a good chance he could've been right there with Sting as the top guy in WCW.

Finally, when the fuck is the WWE gonna come out with a DDP DVD?
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