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Honorable Mention #12

Melvins – pretty much anything released during the 1990’s, plus the Crybaby (2000) and Electroretard (2001)

I first got into the Melvins back in the “Napster days”: late 2000/early 2001. I was unemployed for a long time then and I spent a lot of time on the internet. And Napster was still in full swing then so I spent a lot of days just downloading music. A friend of mine got me into the Melvins a year or two earlier in college but I never bought any of their stuff. Since music was free those days (?) I was able to find everything by them on Napster and had pretty much their entire discography (as well as so many other artists). But then the realization of what I was doing (plus the closing of Napster) made me see the error of my ways and I got rid of all those hundreds of burnt CDs. But the Melvins was the one band of all those whose albums I went out and purchased legally afterwards. It was really hard for me to pick a favorite Melvins album for my top twenty because everything they released in that decade was awesome, even Prick. If they still released music of that caliber today they would probably be my favorite band. But alas, they’ve settled into this hard rock, two-drummer stage that I honestly don’t enjoy at all. And I didn’t really care for their 1980’s output either. But for every year in the 1990’s there was at least one (sometimes two) awesome release from the Melvins. Full lengths, EP’s, splits, singles; do yourself a favor and check some of it out. I didn’t even list it all but any of it is worth your time.
Favorite Song (Bullhead): If I Had An Exorcism
Favorite Song (Lysol): With Teeth
Favorite Song (Eggnog): Charmicarmicat "Bastards"
Favorite Song (Houdini): Night Goat (greatest bass riff EVER)
Favorite Song (Prick): Rickets
Favorite Song (Stoner Witch): Shevil
Favorite Song (Stag): Lacrimosa
Favorite Song (Honky): They All Must Be Slaughtered
Favorite Song (the Bootlicker): Mary Lady Bobby Kins
Favorite Song (the Crybaby): Divorced w/Tool
Favorite Song (Electroretard): Tipping the Lion
12/12 - Madball
12/30 - WWE
01/15 - Fuck the Facts
01/22 - Sleep
02/27 - Inertia 20th Ann. Show
03/06 - Cradle of Filth
03/12 - Tortoise(?)

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