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Honorable Mention #11

Sepultura – Chaos A.D. (1993)

Sepultura were one of the first really heavy bands I got into. I liked stuff like Nine Inch Nails and Type O Negative but Sepultura were a different league. You could almost call them a gateway band into death metal. My Sepultura story goes back to 1987-88. I was seven or eight years old and I had just seen a video on Muchmusic by Bon Jovi, I think it may have been Bad Medicine. I went to bed and all I could think was “is that the heaviest music there is out there, there has to be something heavier, I just want to see a band that’s a guy with a guitar just screaming into a microphone”. Remember, I was seven years old thinking this stuff! I don't even know if we had Nintendo yet so I don't know what was warping my mind. Anyway, a few years later (in 1994) I heard Sepultura and I remembered those thoughts I had as a young child and I realized I’d found that band. Thank you, Sepultura.
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