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Originally Posted by hellawaits77ny View Post
But if Dave or Jeff don't come back, I won't buy their next album, nor will I travel to see them live. If they're playing around the corner, maybe. I just hate Kerry King so much I don't want him to have 1 cent of my $.
I know it really sucks, but I think Jeff not coming back is all on Jeff, and not Kerry. It seems obvious that Kerry wants him to come back so Slayer can move on. I want him to come back mainly because Slayer has always been those three guys: Jeff, Kerry, and Tom. Gary Holt is a great fill-in, but he needs to go back to Exodus and get a new album out.

As for Dave, he was great for what he did on those early albums, but he is the least essential part of Slayer to me. I think this is less one-sided than it looks, but in any case, I'd rather have Kerry in Slayer than Dave.
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