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30. The Incomprable Mr. Flannery
29. What Would A Wookie Do?
28. American Sleep
27. You Can't Stop Progress
26. Mob Goes Wild
25. Profits of Doom
24. Rapture of Ridley Walker
23. Pure Rock Fury
22. Green Buckets
21. Rock & Roll Outlaw - S/T
20. Cypress Grove - Blast Tyrant
19. The House That Peterbilt - S/T
18. Wicker - Pitchfork

Little behind so I am catching up and figured I'd knock out the weekend to since I'm usually limited on the weekends as it is.

This should really show just how great the S/T album from Clutch really is. Took me until 21 to ever put a song off of that album on the countdown. And I have 8 off that album that made the countdown so there will be a ridiculous amount off songs coming off that album from here on out. And what a great way to start it out from that album than Rock & Roll Outlaw with the shouted chorus of Hee-haw, hee-haw, hee-haw, I'm a Rock & Roll Outlaw. For all the love that Clutch gives off of the S/T album this is one that is fairly ignored. It's in the lower half of songs off that album in terms of times played live (according to It's only been played 1x since October of 2010, I know sometimes Clutch will give songs a rest for awhile and then break them out again, hopefully this will be one. Sadly, it is on my Clutch bucket list still to hear live.

Cypress Grove is one of many strong songs on the first half of Blast Tyrant. Always gets a really great reaction live as well and usually by mid song is when they will break into a little jam session which sometimes will involve Neil on the cowbell as well.

Somehow, I missed out on ever listening to this gem right until seeing the Clutch/Hellyeah tour last May. When they played it and I had one of those moments of "OMG I love this song, I know I've heard it, what the hell is the name of it". After doing a little research I figured it out and gave it a listen and thought why the hell wasn't I listening to this before? In no time it was one of my top songs in iTunes. Another killer, groovin track off of one of my favorite all time albums.

Wicker may not be as well known to those who might just be casual Clutch fans but this was off of their Pitchfork 7" that originally came out back in '91. If you never really listened to Clutch before their S/T, this is quite heavy for Clutch. They were closer to being a hardcore-ish band than anything else. If you've never heard early Clutch (some of) it is worth a listen and this is a great song to start out.
10/7 - Run The Jewels
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