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Honorable Mention #9

Woods of Ypres – Against the Seasons: Cold Winter Songs from the Dead Summer Heat (2002)

I’ve only heard a couple of WoY’s albums and all the other ones I heard I found were too long and full of a lot of filler. But this album (a demo actually) was something really special. It was a totally different band at the time with David Gold only playing the drums. He did, however, write the entire thing. This album is a lot rawer than anything I've heard from them. The first song (two songs actually) is just an unrelenting attack that goes on for close to ten minutes. It never really gives up and for it never gets old either. It’s too bad it fades out because I could’ve put up with at least ten more minutes of it. The two other members left after this and David took over as frontman and vocalist. I really wish this incarnation of the band had of stuck around because they put out some really wicked black metal.
Favorite song: The Shams Of Optimism/Crossing The 45th Parallel (the two have to really be listened to as one so here's a really good live version that puts it all together)
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