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Kerry King quotes on the upcoming album:

"I've got 11 songs done. I don't know who's gonna do 'em I don't know who's gonna produce it, I don't know who's gonna play it."

"Those two are done. The nine others I've just gotta teach whoever's gonna play 'em, and they're ready to go."

"I've been working on the new maerial a lot, and I worked on it a lot with [SLAYER drummer] Dave [Lombardo]. So I haven't decided if we move on [without Dave] I haven't decided if I play the new guy what we've done or just play him the guitar stuff that I made up and say, 'What do you think?' 'Cause I know what I want to be there, and I can tell him if it's going in the wrong direction. 'Nah, you've gotta play this.' I haven't even thought this far yet."

Full article here:

So he's essentially said noone else has had any part in the writing of the new album, the whole thing was written by him. So therefore, we all know the album will be straight t-rash.

Man, this sucks. I hope somehow this band can work everything out and the 4 true members of Slayer will play again.

08/30: Bane and tour (?)
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