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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
Hasn't every RAW been a throwaway show since The Rock became champ? #Sanitarium

But seriously, it's a cool idea, but it's so close to WrestleMania, they really need to build up storylines, create new last minute storylines, etc etc etc. Maybe this will be away to make CM Punk "kill some legends", thus causing 'Taker to come out and blah blah blah WM match.

It's too bad Goldust is just a side character, him and Cody could have a very awesome feud if they played it right. Have Goldy do some provocative things towards his brother... ok... maybe not, not in the PG era at least . But then again... WWE would just end up turning them into a Tag Team like Team Hell No :sigh:
Actually just about every RAW has been a throwaway since they went to three hours. What have they done with the extra time that has benefited anybody? They use the extra time to run the same recap videos multiple times and for advertising instead of using it to build up guys. The main eventers just get more time now. What's going on with the midcard? Who are the US, IC and Tag champs feuding with right now? They made the switch to three hours and had absolutely no plan as to how to use the time at all. Yes, when WCW Nitro went to three hours it was still dominated by the NWO but no matter if it was good or bad they always had something going on with the US, TV, Tag and Cruiserweight titles. Vince should go back and watch old Nitro's if he wants to see how to make a three hour wrestling show worthwhile and how to make the whole roster, not just the main eventers seem important.

Couldn't agree more that they need to start building matches for Mania. We know the two world title matches and Brock/HHH will happen but hasn't been made official yet. Other than that, what the hell is going on at Mania? With less than five weeks until the show they're gonna have to really fast track some storylines to fill the card. Hell, TNA only has one two hour show a week and they have their whole roster built up better than the WWE does with three shows a week.

Cody and Goldust doing a Team Hell No thing would be very entertaining. Since they're brothers, the bickering would be natural and I think would come off very well on TV.
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