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Originally Posted by W0unds View Post
It seems really hit or miss for Exhumed - they got in fine in the spring to support Black Dahlia Murder and played Heavy TO/Heavy MTL in August. Then they were denied entry on the Napalm Death/Municipal Waste tour.

It is probably cheaper and smarter for them to plan on not coming to Canada than trying to secure visas and driving to the border only to be denied.

I have hopes they shall return up here at some point this year - perhaps on a tour for their new album. There are some bands that seem banned forever though - Nile, Born of Osiris, etc.
Exhumed probably won't be back in Canada any time soon. From Matt's blog:

So far this blog has been yet another chronicle of our seemingly endless heavy metal triumphs and wacky anecdotes, but here’s where the story takes a turn, dear readers. So… here goes. We woke up and grabbed quick showers before heading to cross the dreaded Canadian border. It’s always a nerve-racking experience, simply because they can choose to tax you on every piece of merchandise you’re carrying. Not to mention, if you have a DUI, like four out of six people in our tour party do, they charge you $200 per person to obtain a “temporary resident permit” to be in the country, or if they feel like being dicks, they can arbitrarily decide to just not let you in. Now, most Canadians I know are not dicks. In fact, they’re some of the nicest folks out there. We’ve never had an issue getting in, and had already been there on the Summer Slaughter tour for Heavy MTL and Heavy TO, as well as on the Black Dahlia Murder tour, which was mostly in Canada. Ironically, our tour manager Kevin (one of those extremely nice Canadians I was referring to earlier) is writing a book about the travails of various bands crossing over from the states to Canada. Given the lead in to this paragraph, it should be obvious that we were denied entry into the great white north. This was extremely disheartening, since the Montreal show was already sold out, and our headlining show at the same venue had been insane, so we were looking forward to a night of seriously intense mayhem. The woman we spoke to at customs informed us that we had received too many TRPs in too short of a time, and had been taking advantage of the largesse of the Canadian government long enough. She stated that we would not be able to apply for any further TRPs until we had all completed their extremely convoluted rehabilitation process. To give you an idea how complicated it is, our drummer Mike Hamilton has been trying to complete it for over seven months. In short, she was a fucking bitch. We had to sign documents that legally bound us to leave the country immediately, and stated that if we were found in Canada after being denied entry, we would be arrested. Gnarly. The US border folks (you have to go through customs if you get denied entry into Canada) told us that they see this sort of thing all the time. Then they searched our van anyway, but at least they weren’t dicks about it. After informing the necessary parties (MW’s tour manager Cartel, our label, our agent, etc.) we drove to a McDonald’s to use the free wifi and start making alternate plans.
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