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Man.... fuck Best Buy.

Less than a year ago I got my new computer, and decided to get the extended 2 year warranty on it for around $130, just to be safe. As some of you may have read from my bitching on here, I smacked my screen with a drumstick ON ACCIDENT, thus causing the screen to break.

I finally took my laptop in today to see what could be done. Turns out that $130 warranty I bought really doesn't cover shit, and not even the manufacturer warranty covers accidental damage (which is understandable). The customer service guy didn't even offer their repair services, and just said "Sorry, man" and sent me on my way. See if I ever support that company anymore.

Now I need to figure out what to do. There is a computer repair shop a few blocks from my work, I may swing by there and see how much it'll cost for a screen replacement. I may just stop by a 2nd hand store and pick up a screen for cheap and just use that.

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