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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
The reason I don't think Cena and Punk did the piledriver without permission is because of how safe the WWE has become with everything. I think it would be dumb for Cena to agree to take that move with wrestlemania being so close without Vince's OK.

Nice to see The Rock come and entertain his fans that he loves so much last night. At least they were worthy enough to get a tweet from him at the end on the titantron. I hope sending that out wasn't too much work for him. What a useless piece of fuckin shit that guy is.

Since Mania is five weeks away it would be nice if we can get build up to some matches besides the two world title matches and HHH/Lesnar. Maybe that's asking too much to want to know what's gonna be on the biggest card of the year this far in advance though.
Do you legit dislike The Rock or just being some sort of smart ass..I cant tell.
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