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Some shows have been scheduled.

Looks like:

Thursday: Red 7 for Benediction and whatever is outside. And depending on the time, I'd love to see that Sete Star Sept show. Maybe try to squeeze in The Casualties too.

Friday: Bolty all day. Going to rule. Would love to also make Terveet Kadet, but don't think it'll happen.

Saturday: Kinda open for me. Will try and make that Rotten Sound/Kill The Client show. Would like to see Framtid as well, but I'll end up at Red 7 for Akitsa/Integrity.

Sunday: Who is the son of a bitch that puts on Absu and Manilla Road at the same time? Thankfully they're at the same venue. Wish I could see Final Conflict and Infest, but I'd be missing bands I'm dying to see.
2/19 - 1349
2/26 - Nappy Dappy
3/8 - Title Fight
3/17 - New Found Glory
4/7 - Weedeater

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