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Every Time I Die -- Ybor City, FL -- February 25th, 2013

Reveal Renew - I've seen them a couple times at local shows and they always put on a great show, the next big thing in hardcore out of FL - 7/10

No Bragging Rights - Not familiar with their music at all, they were decent, nothing to special, but a overall solid performance - 6/10

Hundredth - Their stage performance has improved a ton since i saw them on the Unshakeable tour, you can definitely tell they are extremely passionate about what they're doing, definitely would go see them again - 8/10

Vanna - I was bored as hell during their set, their music just sort of drew together and sounded like 1 long ass song, by far the weakest band on the tour - 3/10

The Acacia Strain - I will admit they put on a good performance, and their music isn't bad at all, but i cannot get past Vince's vocals, they were pretty weak - 5/10

Every Time I Die - Holy crap they were intense, one of the most chaotic bands I've seen in a while, definitely one of the best bands in the experimental hardcore/punk scene. go see them if you get the chance - 9/10
Every Time I Die

4)Underwater Bimbos from Outer Space
5)Holy Book Of Dilemma
6)The Marvelous Slut
7)New Black
8)I Suck (Blood)
9)Apocalypse Now and Then
10)No Son of Mine
11)Kill the Music
12)I Been Gone a Long Time
13)Bored Stiff
14)Champing at the Bit
15)Typical Miracle
18)Indian Giver

The Acacia Strain

2)The Mouth of the River
3)Dr. Doom
6)Whoa! Shut It Down
7)Passing the Pencil Test
8)Dust and the Helix
9)Tactical Nuke


1)The Few And The Far Between
2)Eyes Like the Tides
3)Safe To Say
4)Sending Vessels
5)Year Of The Rat
6)We Ate The Horse You Rode In On


1)Carry On
2)Weathered Town
5)Live Today

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