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I have my doubts, but hopefully this will finally happen.

Call it the Teutonic Big 3 if you will, but plans are in the works to possibly bring Destruction to the U.S. with German thrash legends Sodom and Kreator. Vocalist and bassist Schmier stated to The Gauntlet "I hope the other guys are ready to do it. If not, the fans are going to be pissed. It is about time to do it. It isn't up to us. We are willing to do it. Sodom and Kreator need to just find a solution for them."

Schmier went on to say "Everything is clear. Kreator want to do it, Sodom want to do it. But everyone wants to do it in different ways. One guy wants to play a lot of shows, the other just several shows. Destruction will do it either way."

Regardless, Destruction will be playing a few U.S. dates in September 2013.

Destruction released "Spritual Genocide" earlier this month on Nuclear Blast Records.
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